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i wish i could go to the mall & come out with exactly the things i picked out because i loved the pieces & they look bomb af on me instead of making me feel like shit. im really just mad at my body cause it’s childish as ever- no hips, tiny ass, lil b cups that im not even comfortable wearing alone under a shirt in public. i don’t have a shape. whatsoever. i still look 15 & im almost 19 years old. i have what everyone snares there nose up to in disgust: a fucking gap. not even a small one. like, my stage of uncomfortableness with my body & myself as a whole has gone on too long. way too long. i just wish it would end, that i could accept myself cause this shit sucks. for real…

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Dear Black girls: You are all queens. Don’t ever let a peasant de-throne you.  

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If you make a girl feel bad about her body u a bitch

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few blocks in baltimore.
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The first American Negro Ballet, 1937. 

Black Ballerinas


They’re giving life

such excellence
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